Skills training for income generation

Skills training

The project works with community units leaders, church members and local people to identify ladies who need empowerment to generate their own income. They include:

  • House wives who are not in any kind of employment, [formal or informal]
  • Young ladies who have dropped out of school at different stages.
  • HIV positive patients and or people living with AIDS and are on ARVs
  • Single mothers [these are the majority].

The following are the different skills that are offered;

  1. HAIRDRESSING; this is a one year course. Classes are conducted twice a week, in the afternoons. Ladies are taken through different hair styles. These include plaiting, relaxing, braiding, styling, and weaving.
  2. TAILORING; this is a two year program. Classes are conducted twice a week. Ladies are taught basics of tailoring in the first year. In the second year they are taught fashion and design which also include making traditional outfits.
  3. CRAFTS; Ladies are taught different Hand Craft Skills which include;  paper bags, mats, baskets, hand bags, shopping bags, hats, purses, earrings, necklaces among others.Ladies learning to make paper bags with their instructor seated next to the desk.
  4. COOKERY; different types of pastries e.g. chapatti, mandazi, local pan cakes, samosas, etc.