The relationship  between prayer and the Kingdom of God, Summary. (Pr. Laban Jjumba)

The relationship  between prayer and the Kingdom of God, Summary. (Pr. Laban Jjumba)

Summary of the movement of the children of Israel to the Promised Land (the 4D’s);

Deliverance ;

God delivered the Israelite’s from slavery in Egypt through his servant Moses, and in the same way, we
are delivered when we get born again and accept Jesus as our Lord and personal Savior.


Because we have been in the world and have characters that are not pleasing to God, when we get
delivered (get born again) there is a need to go through discipleship. Here you are taught and guided by
the word of God, till you get rid of these ungodly characters. Just like the Israelite’s were given the Ten
Commandments to guide them before they entered the Promised Land.

After deliverance and discipleship, you need to know what God requires you to do. There is a need to
know your purpose and calling in the Kingdom of God. We see this when it was time for the Israelite’s to
be deployed, God put them under the leadership of Joshua, and they had to fight in order to claim that
which the Lord had promised them.

Lastly  Dominion;
This is the level where you have to establish God’s rule in your particular domain where God has
deployed you. And to establish God’s dominion, this requires a high-level relationship with God through
prayer. The main key that God uses to establish his Kingdom in any domain is prayer, and the end
product of prayer is the establishment of God’s Kingdom in a particular domain.

Reference scriptures
1 Kings 12:1-21
Acts 13:36
1 Kings 17


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